maandag 29 september 2014

25 - mermaid dotee

This mermaid dotee also went to my good friend Martha. She was my partner in a Swap-bot swap.
I really loved to make her.

24 - BTC

For a Swap-bot Swap I created this BTC (Binder Trading Card). I had to sent it to my good friend Martha.
A BTC is smaller than an ATC and both sides must be decorated. It also has a hole on the top, so you can hang it on a ring or so.

23 - decorated envie

This is a decorated envie for the swap: Words and an animal.
I found these prints in the magazine Flow.

22 - bookmark dotee

I angeled for a swap on Swap-bot. I have sent a bookmark dotee.

zaterdag 20 september 2014

21 - decorated envie

This is a profile based decorated envie for a swappartner on Swap-bot.

19 and 20 dotee dolls

I created an autumn dotee for swap-bot and a mushroom dotee for a club in the Netherlands.

15, 16, 17 and 18, decoupage napkins

Last few weeks I have been busy with decoupage.
I use paper napkins to decorate bottles, vases, etc.

First I clean the glass object and then I use white acrylic paint for the basis.
Let it dry very well.
Next I use once or twice decorative hobbypaint matt.

Than I use modpodge or creapodge to glue the napkins on the bottles.
when it is all dry I spray varnish over the object.